TeamBG Utilities User's F.A.Q.

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Remember it is not a sin nor a bad thing to read the read me files.
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Q: I’m a Newbie Help!
1. You will want to download and read all the read me text then install the editor.
****Remember you must at least have****
the Character Editor (Full Install) to use any of these editors!

2. Make sure you have all the updates in place.
    The headers for each program are linked to the page you will want to download from.
3. For hex editing go HERE
4. For general help with the utilities continue down

The Character Editor is the "flagship utility" of TeamBG.
It has a FULL INSTALL version that installs all VB system files that our other utilities require to run.

Character Editor Creature Editor ItemOveridesEditor &
and ItemTextEditor
Biffstripper Lite
Godlike Experience Remover
for BG and TOTSC
Rules Editor Misc. -
Ports, Sounds, etc.

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Character Editor    back to top
This is a must have to be able to do any thing else with any of the tools TeamBG puts out you must have this installed 
at the latest rev. level(the full install is required at a minimum).
1. start it up it is in your start up menu under programs click and go 
2. now you want to open a file this will bring up a drop down menu you want to go to Baldur's Gate/characters 
3. Choose a character to edit. If you don't find your character in this folder you have two choices
    1. If you don’t want to overwrite one of your default characters you can open a character,
        then go to save and save as a new name. Then open your new character’s name. 
    2. Or when you’re in the game you can click on the head and chose the export option and chose the file you want to overwrite or 
        you can save as a new name by entering a new one and exporting. 
4. Now open the file in the character editor 
5. In here you can change the attributes of your character or add in the stuff created in the item editor.

The Character Editor is the "flagship utility" of TeamBG. It has a FULL INSTALL version that installs all VB system files that our other utilities require to run.

F.A.Q.    back to top
Q: What does Char Editor v.145 (MINIMUM/UPDATE) mean?
A: You MUST download the FULL version and the MINIMUM/UPDATE version to use the newest editor. The FULL version has the needed files to run the UPDATED editor, so install that first then install the UPDATE version into the same directory and allow it to overwrite whatever files it needs to.
Q: I still can't get the character editor to work. What do I do?
A: did you follow these steps?
1) Unzip the v.1.4.3 download into it's own temporary folder.
2) Run SETUP.EXE to INSTALL the editor.
3) Delete the temporary folder you unzipped that ZIP file into.
4) Unzip the v.1.4.5 UPDATE into to folder that you INSTALLED the v.1.4.3 into (default is C:\Program Files\Character Control - Baldur's Gate\ ).

Now you should be ready to go.

Q: How do I get my custom character into the game?
A: The easiest way to do this is to copy the saved game you are you using to a folder named mpsave in your bg directory. If you don't have a folder named that yet create one then open a multi-player game select serial(since this won't attempt to connect you to the internet) the chose create game, then load your game and import you character.
Q: How do you import an edited character back into a multi-player game? I can't figure out how to do it so I have to start over every time.
A: Load your saved game- instead of clicking on the skull, click on the character's name. You then delete the character, click the "add character", and import your edited file- you'll have to redo colors, sounds, and name text, but as soon as you save again, your edited file is in the game, of course.

Creature Editor    back to top
F.A.Q.    back to top

ItemOverridesEditor and ItemTextMaker    back to top
a file with the .itm extension is just an item, a file with the .tbg extension is an .itm file with associated text attached to it. The TBG is the one you want to use to import an item. You only need the ItemTextMaker to import items  items you have downloaded. The ItemsOverridesEditor is used to change existing Items.

Import in a .TBG file 
You will need to use the ItemTextMaker to do this
Before starting this utility make sure you have BG totally shut down! 
Open the utility by going to the start/programs/Item Text Maker(or where you placed it during install)
Follow along:
File click
Import item and
Go to where your file is located and click on the file so that it is highlighted
select import
Do you want to save this item now? answer yes and it will automatic put the file in the override dir. for you and write text.
Bam now you are ready to go.

In this file you can edit the description of the unknown item and the identified item but this does not effect the item just the displayed text to edit the item you must use the item editor or a hex editor.

F.A.Q.    back to top
Q: My custom items have no icons, am I doing something wrong.
A: More than likely you have downloaded an item that is Tales of Sword Coast only and you do not have the icon this item references to. You can either open the item in the ItemOveridesEditor and change the icons to something available from Baldur's Gate or ask some one to send you this item's bam (icon file) and place it in your overrides directory.
Q: How do I change the text of my items?
A: Open ItemTextMaker and open your itm file. Then change the text to what you chose and export item. this does not change the text in the game. the best way to do this is find the itm file in your overrides folder and delete it than follow instructions for importing an item just like it was a new one
Q: Is there a complete list of items available anywhere?
A: You can open the BGITEMS.CC file in's basically an Item List.
And there are several sites out there that specialize in this, Baldur's Gatee Chronicles specifically.

Biffstripper Lite    back to top
Biffstipper is used to strip certain file from thier respective .bif files.
It allows you to extract all individual data files from the Creature, Item, and Spell BIFF files. This will then allow the editing and creation of Override Data Files. THEN you get to edit them using one of the other editors, OR if you daring you can try your hand at hex editing... AAAHHHHH!!!!
F.A.Q.    back to top
Q: Where are the files I extracted?
A: Biffstripper Lite will extract them to the appropriate directory, if you extract items it will create items folder in the directory biffstripper is located and place them there. If you extract specific files it will create a wordir (working directory) in which it will place them.

God Like    back to top
There are 2 basic differences between Godlike and other cap removers:
1) It searches BGMAIN.EXE (or BGMAIN2.EXE for TOTSC) for the byte string that identifies the location of the necessary bytes to alter (and alters the same as the other patches, but doesn't use a fixed searches...this is why it's compatible with whatever version of BG you have).
2) ..a) It searches for the 1 function call in the EXE that calls XPCAP.2DA to initialize the values for the Experience Cap for each Class
        (see the TeamBG Rules Editor for modifying this table to implement the Experience Cap at your specified XP values for each Class).
..b) It then changes this function call into a function call that makes no sense, so it effectively gets the Experience Cap never gets set....other patchers  do not do this....and as stated before, they don't search...they use a fixed everytime a BG Patch comes out, they have to release a new cap remover.
USE Godlike!!!
It should be noted that this may take some time so it appears that it has stopped running, it has not it i still searching for those bytes.
Also it may set off certain anti-virus software that detects if a program is altering system files.
This is NOT a virus, as discussed above this is the way Godlike works.  
F.A.Q.    back to top
Q: How can I get more experience points . I am at 89000(BG) or 161000(TOTSC)
A: Godlike. This will eliminate the Exp Cap for single and dual class characters. Also is compatible with original and all patched versions of the game and should continue compatibility with BG and TOTSC.
They made an Exp Cap "to balance game play"...they didn't want your characters to become "too powerful".
All you do is run Godlike! It searches thru the BGMAIN.EXE file and changes a couple bytes of data...and that's it...Exp Cap is gone. The only time you should EVER have to re-run the CapKill is if you patch the game with an update patch that replaces BGMAIN.EXE. Then just run it again.
Q: The Exp Cap, If removed what is the maximum level you can Adv?
A: 20

Rules Editor    back to top
F.A.Q.    back to top

Misc - Ports, Sounds, and etc.  back to top
F.A.Q.    back to top
Q: How do add my custom portraits?
A: First you will need to create a Portraits directory (if you don't have one) in your Baldur's Gate folder. (make sure you spell it correctly)
    Second copy or move all portraits to this directory
    Third start the game and click on the head on the side bar (character attributes)
Then click on customize and then appearance.
Then select custom and chose both the large and small portrait for you character.
***These bitmaps must be 110 X 170 pixels for the large and 38 X 60 pixels for the small.
You can also replace any portrait (particularly NPC's)in the game by naming it appropriately (that means the same as the portrait you want to replace) and placing it in the overrides folder.
No we don't have a complete list of every potrait in the game you will have to do some homework on this.
Q: How do i get custom sounds into the game?
A: First take all of the custom sounds and copy or move them to the Sounds directory in your Baldur's Gate directory.
   ( there are 23 sounds for each character with an extension that correspond to a particular action in the game, 
   for more information read the readme in you BG directory)
Second start game and click on the head, then select customize and click.
Select sounds and chose the soundset (yes it automatically coses all 23) you would like.
You can chose play to make sure it is the right one or to help you chose.
Q: How can i play the sounds in the game?
A: The sounds that come with the game are not normal .wav files they are .wavc files and the only way to play them is through the customize selection in the game itself and NO there is no player available that will allow these sounds to be played outside of the game. 
You can also replace any sound in the game by naming it appropriately (that means the same as the sound you want to replace) and placing it in the overrides folder.
No we don't have a complete list of every sound in the game you will have to do some homework on this but I will tell you this(again).
   ( there are 23 sounds for each character with an extension that correspond to a particular action in the game, 
   for more information read the readme in you BG directory)
Q: What is the difference between a trainer, patcher, and an editor?
A: Editor - Allows you to change values in a data file (game should NOT be running).
Trainer - Allows you to change values in computer memory (while the game is running).
Patcher - Changes values in either a data file or EXE, usually to values predetermined by the author of the patcher (game should NOT be running).
TeamBG does NOT make any Trainers. All utilities are Editors except for "Godlike" (Patcher) and Biffstripper Lite (Data Extractor...a totally different type of utility).
Q: LVL  anyone know where i can get level 6 spells?
A: there are scrolls at Neriah's Underdark by Nimrod or use the character editor.